During the project’s lifetime public documents (public deliverables, scientific papers, information on project progress, findings and results) on  NANOMEMC2 will be shared here.


  • Paper Nafion/PEG hybrid membrane for CO2 separation: Effect of PEG on membrane micro-structure and performance published in the scientific journal Separation and Purification Technology available for download here
  • Review Performance of Nanocomposite Membranes Containing 0D to 2D Nanofillers for CO2 Separation: A Review in the scientific journal Membranes, download it here.
  • Paper Permeability and Selectivity of PPO/Graphene Composites as Mixed Matrix Membranes for CO2 Capture and Gas Separation available for download here
  • Paper Solubility prediction in mixed solvents: A combined molecular simulation and experimental approach available for download here
  • Paper Models for Facilitated Transport Membranes: a Review available for download here
  • Paper Field test of a pre-pilot scale hollow fiber facilitated transport membrane for CO2 capture available for download here
  • Paper Arginine/Nanocellulose Membranes for Carbon Capture Applications available for download here



  • Deliverable on the project website submitted! Downlod it here and enjoy reading it.
  • Deliverable “Dissemination and communication activities” available for downloading here.