The NANOMEMC2 approach is to address, through process intensification and technological innovation, three of the highest priorities in the EU energy-intensive industry, namely:

  1. CO2 emissions reduction (- 35% for basic set up);

  2. Energy penalty (from current 30% of amine absorption down to potential 20% expected)

  3. Cost competitiveness (at least -20% for both CAPEX and OPEX).

The NANOMEMC2 project will have relevant impacts in the EU industry and global markets, by:

Contributing to advance the knowledge on new materials, technologies and processes for cost-efficient and high-performance CO2 capture. The NANOMEMC2 project aims at the development of next generation capture processes based on membrane gas separation processes and the use of innovative solution for hybrid membranes exploiting facilitated transport or sieving mechanisms;

Build a strong and concrete case for rapid industrial application, by demonstrating and pre-validating the above innovations for two crucial EU industrial sectors during the project (oil refineries and cement production). Several options will be investigated in term of process flow sheet and the combination of synthesis and characterisation with the modelling at the molecular and process scale.

Substantially improving the competitiveness of EU industry, by lowering the cost of CO2 capture and increasing the overall efficiency, thus promoting a sustainable and competitive European industry at the same time. Moreover, a series of concrete assets (hybrid materials, new membranes and products, new or re-designed CO2 capture processes, etc) will be available at the end of the project, to be exploited by project partners, following a well-designed exploitation plan. Finally, relevant project results will be disseminated to the industrial community via dedicated channels and actions (i.e. industrial workshop), thus enhancing the replicability of the NANOMEMC2 solutions.

– Contributing to the full unleashing of the economic potential of CCS and in particular the CO2 capture markets for EU materials and technology providers, process modelling and simulation experts, through the set up of a strong business model and related business plan for the NANOMEMC2 innovations.

The impact of NANOMEMC2 on the environment, and by reflection on society, is also well defined, as the whole project is focused on CO2 capture technology. The primary goal is indeed the development of highly efficient and effective processes for the reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, to reduce the greenhouse effect and the issues related to climate change.

Therefore, the technologies under development, in terms of novel materials and innovative processes, as well as the scientific progresses, are expected to contribute significantly to the reduction of the carbon footprint of industries and power plants and, in the longer time scale, to be capable of mitigating the greenhouse effect and the consequent issues related to climate change.