Twinning activities with Hanyang University, South Korean partner of NANOMEMC2 project

Twinning activities and interactions among the NANOMEMC2 consortium partners and Hanyang University, where Professor Ho Bum Park is currently leading the project “Engineering technology developed for high transmission channel pore selective CO2 membrane material”, are foreseen for all the NANOMEMC2 project duration.

The collaboration between the two projects is based on the exchange of Information, Materials, Data and Researchers. In particular, short term scientific missions (STSM) are organised to perform specific activities in the twin project facilities, to work on the exchanged materials characterisation and modelling as well as on different topics agreed between the partners.

The exchange of researchers started in Month 13 with the visit of a young researcher from the NANOMEMC2 project to Korea. This exchange was focused on the materials synthesis following the Korean partners expertise (graphene based coatings and membranes). A PhD student from NTNU (Saravanan Janakiram) visited Prof. Park’s group from the 27th of October for two months. A second researcher from NTNU (Zhongde Dai) is currently (expected end of STSM February the 3rd) in Korea focussing on the development of thin films. The first exchange from Korea to EU will take place in Month 16 and will involve a young researcher and the development of the second generation of materials.

Saravanan Janakiram from NTNU visiting Prof. Park group and Zhongde Dai in Prof. Park’s lab in South Korea.