NANOMEMC2 Project just started

The NANOMEMC2 project is a research and innovation action of Horizon 2020 funded under the topic LCE-24-2016 “International cooperation with South Korea on new generation high-efficiency capture processes” officially launched last October and coordinated by the Università of Bologna.

It aims at reducing the cost, energy and process limitations which currently make pre and post-combustion CO2 capture processes non-viable in many industrial applications. Through the development of innovative materials, membranes and membrane processes for CO2 capture, the project aims to make possible a substantial reduction in energy penalty, a much lower cost and a reduction of CO2 emissions.

NANOMEMC2 partners at the kick off meeting in the beautiful “Sala del Camino Palazzina della Viola – Bologna.
From Left to right: From left to right: Yujiro Itami (FUJIFILM), Lev sarkisov (UEDIN), Axel Gottshalk (SUPREN), Matteo Minelli (UNIBO), Luca Ansaloni(NTNU), Maria Chiara Ferrari (UEDIN), Liyuan Deng (NTNU), Simone Ligi (GNEXT), Karen Finney (USFD), Maria Grazia De Angelis (UNIBO), Marco Giacinti Baschetti (UNIBO), Cristina Colaiacovo (COLACEM), Alessandro Zamboni(UNIBO), Karim Missoum (INOFIB), Cristian Trevisanut (GNEXT), Erik Veermer (FUJIFILM), Fabio Santinelli (COLACEM), Mohamed Pourkashanian (USFD), Stephen Tlatlik (SUPREN) , Stuart Lodge (BP), Jonathan Forsyth (BP)