First EU-South Korea joint Workshop on “New generation high-efficiency capture processes”, Trondheim (NO), 15th June 2017

NanoMEMC2 consortium will organize the first EU-South Korea joint Workshop on “New generation high-efficiency capture processes” to be held in Trondheim (NO) the 15th of June 2017 soon after the TCCS 9 conference.

The first joint workshop between UE and Korea is organized in the framework of the Projects funded by EC in the framework of Topic LCE-24-2016 “ International Cooperation with South Korea on new generation high-efficiency capture processes” will be organized by NanoMEMC2, partners on June 15th 2017 soon after the 9th “Trondheim Conference on CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage”.

The workshop is aimed at aligning and enhancing the twinning activities in the different European projects, and to promote synergies and exchange of knowledge with the Korean partners projects. In this introductory workshop therefore, the partner of NanoMEMC2, GRAMOFON and ROLINCAP, all funded under the mentioned topic,s and their Korean counterparts will present each other focusing on their expertise and possible collaboration in the field of Carbon Capture.

A preliminary schedule of the workshop will be available very soon.

In order to have further information please contact NanoMEMC2project coordinator.