NanoMEMC2 at Euromembrane2018 in Valencia next week!

NANOMEMC2 is going to attend Euromembrane 2018 next week in Valencia: come to meet us at the poster sections or attend our oral presentations to see our latest updates!

Where to find us:

Oral presentations:

  • UNIBO – Modelling water sorption in Facilitated Transport Membranes with PC-SAFT Equation of State: the case of Polyvinyl amine – Facilitated Transport – (Auditorium 3A) – Thursday 12th July 2018, 15:10
  • UNIBO – Graphene/Graphene Oxide stabilized polyvinylamine nanocomposite membranes for CO2 separation – Nanotechnology and membranes III – (Auditorium 3A) – Friday 13th July 2018, 11:50
  • NTNUNanocellulose based nanocomposite hollow fiber membranes for CO2 captureGas & vapor separation I (Auditorium 2)Tuesday 10th July 10, 10:40
  • NTNUUltra selective ionic liquid/nanocellulose blend membranes for CO2 captureMixed matrix membranes III(Auditorium 3A)Tuesday 10th July 10, 14:50

Poster presentations:

  • UNIBO – Mixed Matrix Membranes based on PPO and graphene for gas separation – Tuesday 10th July 10, 17:45 – P72
  • UEDIN – Efficient use of steam as sweep in facilitated transport membrane processes from post-combustion carbon capture, Tuesday 10th July 10, 17:45 – P199
  • NTNUFacilitated transport membrane with amino acid salts as mobile carrier for CO2 capture – Tuesday 10th July 10, 17:45 – P10
  • NTNUEffect of Ionic liquids on nanocellulose membranes for CO2 captureTuesday 10th July 10, 17:45 – P65
  • NTNUHybrid facilitated transport membranes containing GO-based nanoplatelets for CO2 separationTuesday 10th July 10, 17:45 – P240
  • NTNUIonomer based hybrid membranes for CO2 captureWednesday, 11th July 2018. 17:45 – P188

we will be there