NANOMEMC2 article in European Energy Innovation magazine

The European Energy Innovation magazine dedicated a special session to carbon capture in its Spring 2019 edition.

Calling Carbon Capture “The opportunity that Europe cannot afford to waste”, Graeme Sweeney, Chairman of the European Zero Emission Technology and Innovation Platform (ZEP), points out that these technologies can help sustain Europe’s energy-intensive industries while creating new jobs, adding that they could help deliver €1.15Bn worth of savings by 2050.

Membranes can be a valuable technology for carbon capture, being competitive with other carbon capture technologies in reducing the overall cost of the capture stage in different industrial applications.

Most promising 1st generation NANOMEMC2 materials have already been tested in the Colacem cement production facility in Gubbio (Italy). Read more in the article “NANOMEMC2Innovative membranes for Carbon Capture applications“, published in the European Energy Innovation magazine.