Invited talk at CFCEES 2018

Prof Maria Grazia De Angelis, from NANOMEMC2 partner UNIBO, gave an invited talk at the 1st Cutting Edge Symposium on the Current and Future Challenges of Energy Efficient Separation (CFCEES 2018), with title “Membranes for CO2 capture in the EU Project NANOMEMC2: “NanoMaterials Enhanced Membranes for Carbon Capture”.

CFCEES 2018 focuses on cutting-edge fundamental science and how today’s advancements are being translated toward industrial application, primarily in the areas of:
• Separation and storage for a hydrogen economy
• Capture, processing, and utilisation of greenhouse gases
• Hydrocarbon isolation and up-conversion
• Materials for low energy separation and storage
• Future Challenges for the separations Industry.

we will be there