Enhancement of the CO2 capture membrane performance reached by NANOMEMC2

NANOMEMC2 partners NTNU and UNIBO just published a paper on the fabrication and characterization of Nafion/PEGDME hybrid membranes.

Highlights from the paper are:

  • Nafion-based hybrid membranes were fabricated with PEGDME content up to 60 wt%.
  • Addition of PEGDME 250 into Nafion improves CO2 permeability for 36 times at dry state.
  • Optimal separation performance was obtained at 100% RH with 40 wt% PEGDME 250.
  • High PEGDME content in Nafion leads to undesirable micro phase separation.
  • The modified Maxwell model provides a good estimation of the performance under humid conditions.

Read the full paper here.